whysunflowerMany have asked why Rachel chose "Sunflower" for the name of a massage studio. For as long as she can remember, she has always loved sunflowers. There's an incredible picture of her as a child standing next to her garden with the huge sunflowers she planted towering over her 5-year-old body. She has always admired their grandness, their strength, their vibrancy. They possess an almost human-like quality. Their "faces" curiously peek over the tops of tall fences, or droop down Charlie Brown-style when malnourished. If you've ever driven past a field of sunflowers, you've probably seen the way they all face the same direction. Anytime she sees a sunflower, she has always felt as if she was being greeted with a friendly "Hi!"

There is a proud cultural history with sunflowers. They were cultivated by Native Americans, who recognized the benefits of the sunflower seed. The seeds of the wild sunflower were not nearly so large as those you find in the market today. We can thank the thousands of generations of Native Americans whose careful farming gave us this valuable food item.

Sunflower oil is also a precious commodity. It's light and delicious in flavor, but also carries the highest amount of Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. It's great to use in cooking, raw (like on a salad) or for beauty and health purposes.

These are all great reasons to love and admire the sunflower. However, She also saw a direct correlation between the sunflower and your goals for optimal health. Massage therapy nurtures a connection we have with our selves, our body, our mind, which helps us find a better balance in life. Our physical tissues gain benefit, of course, but massage also directly affects and benefits the whole person. Kinks are ironed out, as is stress and patterns of chronic holding, and over time we develop new, better postures. Like a sunflower, we shoot out of the soil, grow tall and face the sun!

Massage therapy can provide optimal results when the frequency of sessions is increased. So, with every session your body can become more and more attuned towards your overall goals for health and wellness. You can, over time, reach your optimal wellness and directly face the sun--the ultimate source of life and power--within yourself.