Choosing a massage type may sound like a dilemma, especially if you are unfamiliar with what modalities exist and their purposes. At SUNFLOWER, we practice customized therapeutic massage. Please read below to learn more about the following modalities frequently used in practice.


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We offer therapeutic massages using the following methods:
Basic Massage
Using Swedish Massage techniques, this refreshing massage relieves stress and tension aches for pure relaxation. Light to medium pressure is applied in long, even strokes. At least 60 minutes is recommended.

$35 / 30 minutes
$65 / 60 minutes
$95 / 90 minutes

In conjunction with the Basic Massage, you can customize your therapy with the following Add-Ons:
Deep Tissue Massage
Deeper layers of muscle are addressed through the use of specialized techniques. Any chronic issues (trigger points, knots, etc.) will be the focus of this session.

$15 upcharge

Hot Stones
Heated stones are used to promote relaxation and ease tension in specific tissue areas. Hot stones are often recommended to allow the therapist to more easily perform deep tissue manipulations.

$10 upcharge

Essential oils are volatile, highly concentrated plant extracts derived from leaves, bark, roots and flowers. Essential oils are used to enhance the sensory experience and affect overall mood.

$5 upcharge

Body Cushion
A body cushion provides extra comfort throughout the therapy session.

$5 upcharge

We also offer the following specialty massages:
Couples Massage
Experience a relaxing massage with your spouse, partner or friend. The two of you will receive treatments side by side in a calming, peaceful environment. Please call 314-932-5843 to schedule a Couples Massage appointment.

$35 / 30 minutes / PERSON
$65 / 60 minutes / PERSON
$95 / 90 minutes / PERSON

Prenatal Massage
This massage focuses on the needs of mom as her body adapts to the changes during pregnancy. Clients will benefit from the physical and emotional relaxation that occurs during this session. Lowered anxiety and decreased pain during labor are just two of the benefits of prenatal massage.
Please note: It is recommended that the mom waits until 12 weeks to receive a prenatal massage.

$35 / 30 minutes
$65 / 60 minutes
$95 / 90 minutes

Sports Massage
Whether it's before an event (run, game, match, etc.), post-event, or for general maintainance, this massage focuses on the needs of the athlete. Often this session is beneficial in maintaining the structural integrity of the athletic physique as it applies to the sport / activity. (For runners, this might include focus on the low back, hip flexors, and balance / integrity of connective tissues from hip to toe.) Range of motion, pliability and balance are often assessed and worked into a wellness plan.

$45 / 30 minutes
$75 / 60 minutes
$105 / 90 minutes

Headache Massage
This massage will focus on reducing tension and stress from cranial, neck and upper back/shoulder areas. Special soothing products, including aromatherapy oils and cool stones are used.

$45 / 30 minutes

Myofascial Release Massage
This session will focus on addressing issues within the connective tissues of the body, especially in areas where clients have signs of chronic holding, postural issues, etc. The benefits of myofascial work are long-term and can greatly improve overall flexibility, circulation, muscle pliability and overall wellness.

$35 / 30 minutes
$65 / 60 minutes
$95 / 90 minutes